"United efforts for complex engineering solutions" was the topic developed by the representative of Industrial Cluster "Underground Infrastructure" Deyan Partinov at the National Workshop "Zoning of the Water Supply Network and Pressure Management". The event was held by the Bulgarian Water Association on 27 September 2017 in Starosel.
The forum opened Ivanka Videnova, Director of “Water Supply and Sewerage”  at the Ministry of Regional Development and Public Works. The forum was supported by Ivaylo Kaschiev, Chief Director of the Water Services Directorate General of the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission.
Ivan Ivanov, Executive Director of the Industrial Cluster "Underground Infrastructure" and chairman of Bulgarian Water Association  thanked the participants for the great interest. "I'm excited that the hall is full. One of our main tasks is to organize such forums to discuss issues relevant to the water sector, to exchange information and ideas, and to share successful implementations. Undoubtedly, the issue of water loss in water supply systems is one of the key in the sector. "
The topic about the zoning of the water-supply network is particularly relevant in the context of the Energy and Water Regulatory Commission's requirements to water-supply operators for the quality of water-supply services. In the coming years, knowledge and experience will accumulate in Bulgaria. Under the new Regulation on the Quality Management of Water Supply and Sewerage Services and the Guidelines for its Implementation for the regulatory period 2017 - 2021, are laid down specific projected individual targets for water and sewerage operators, including a requirement for a zoning program for the water supply network.

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