Bulgarian Association for Trenchless Technologies - BATT UIC 175440534  Stefan Zhelyazkov
Bulgarian Water Association - BWA UIC 831199654  Ivan Ivanov
Vodokanalproekt AD, Plovdiv UIC 115753670 Angelina Aleksandrova
Nekton 2 OOD UIC 103622364 Penko Stoyanov
Proni EOOD, Sofia UIC 107527860 Radost Dacheva
Raicommerce Construction AD UIC 131458468 Kiril Rangelov
Sorokov Instruments EOOD UIC 123575107 Georgi Sorokov
Stroitelna Mehanizatsia AD, Kazanlak UIC 123033124 Pavel Gruev
Phoenix BT EOOD UIC 201354363 Sunai Hadzha


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